Just as Taylor’s getting over Joe, he is just now realizing that he wants her back.

Taylor sat in her dressing room, sneezing. After much protest and arguing her show that night was rescheduled due to her sudden, well not really, illness. Taylor blew her nose in a tissue and wiped her eye with her sleeve. “Mom, I can play tonight. Honest, I’m fine!” Taylor said, her voice sounding nasally. “I appreciate this and all, but I can’t let my fans down.” Taylor had the sudden images of little girls decked out in t-shirts with her face on them crying into their mother’s arms. “Mom, please.” Her mother simply shook her head and flipped the page of the magazine she was reading. All day they had been arguing about this and Taylor could see how tired her mom was. Taylor sank back into the couch and pouted. “Honestly Taylor, I would love to put you out there in front of your fans, but let’s face it; your voice is almost gone and you can’t go five seconds without needing a tissue. So, the answer is final.” Taylor sighed. Her mom had a point. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Taylor sat up, but her mom was already getting it for her. Her mom opened the door slightly then stepped out. Taylor moved from side to side trying to see who it was, whoever it was her mom seemed completely stressed. Taylor only heard a few jumbled words from the conversation. “No…she’s sick. You can’t…I won’t let you, how nice…I’m sorry.” She strained to hear more. The person on the other side was trying real bad to get in and see her. It was probably a fan. “But, if you just let me…” The person was cut off, but Taylor had heard enough for her to recognize the voice. She stood up inching her way towards the door. Her mom and the other person were whispering now. “Listen to me, I know your intentions are good, but she doesn’t need this.” The other person sighed. “I bought her chicken noodle soup though.” Taylor giggled making her mom turn around, making the door open completely. Taylor looked up at the person, she knew it. The voice was all too familiar, the humor, the chicken noodle soup, it was all too clear. “Joe…” 

To be continued…. 

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