I can only imagine…

What Taylor and Joe’s relationship was like. Taylor’s¬†ridiculously dry, sarcastic humor and her awkward self matched with Joe’s child-ish ways and heart-throb-ness. (And their good looks) With the way Taylor made Joe sound, I fell in love with him even more. I can listen to Last Kiss and go, “Yup, Joe would do that.” or “That’s so cute though.” How she must have loved him so much. I think that that’s why she was so hurt. She was falling harder and harder and he was just drifting away. How they must have spent their days together, singing, laughing, being together. In my eyes they are what I want. I want a funny guy, who gets me. Cliche, I know, but doesn’t everyone want that? I want a guy that my parents will approve of. A guy that makes me dare to dream, to not be afraid. Joe was that to Taylor.¬†

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